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for a luxurious stay, continuing education credits, certification, and community.

4 days of learning upsells, yoga, marketing and goal setting.


Fall Retreats

in beautiful Kimberley B.C.
Open to Everyone ...for YOU to recharge! 
Oct 21 -23, 2022
For Therapists & Health Professionals!
October 23 -26, 2022
Colorful Leaf

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you and your practice for greatness.

I love Jill’s learning events, not only do I learn valuable skills, but I get to know amazing therapists and learn from them too.  And I get to share my knowledge with people that appreciate it.

Jill and Tara have a way of making people feel special, included and knowledgeable.  I love how they respect my knowledge while also making room for me to learn things that help me help my clients.

I got to go with Jill and Tara on their first ever retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, not only did I learn a few things, but I felt understood, and supported in a way that doesn’t happen in my everyday life.  I came home feeling completely rested and ready to take on the world.

Solomon H.

Maria P.

Tania H.