Our Mission 

Bringing therapists together to enhance therapeutic skills, practise management, and the ability to manage work and life;  and balance both. Helping therapists build a more profitable business and have more fun and joy in their lives.

Our Method


Release Your Mind

Running a business takes skills, bookkeeping, marketing, time management, goal setting, emotional resilience, client management, people management, and it is often overwhelming, and things that look easy take up way more time than you planned, throwing everything out of whack.  
Every retreat we will work on one different business management skill so your whole life can rebalance.


Running a massage practice and spending your days helping others with their pain, stress and recovery is rewarding, but it can also be exhausting.  Especially when coupled with parenting, being a good friend, and family member, and having a relationship.  
A little time in the mountains in a community of therapists who understand your life is good for you, and your practice.  You will go back to work with renewed focus, energy and vigour.

Therapeutic Advancements

Getting your continuing Education credits is of course critical, but do those skills deepen your practice, giving more value to your clients, while also allowing you to make more money in the time you have and the clients you’ve already got. 
That is our focus.

Getting Here

Canmore, AB


Tel: 250-253-2937

Find more joy, fulfillment and financial success in your wellness practice and your life.

Set yourself and your practice up for success in 2021, find the peace you need to restore and reset your energy.

Connect with therapists who understand you and your practice and how to find joy and fulfillment.

Learn skills that will enable you to provide better and better value to your clients, and charge more for your services. 

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Join our community

Even if the timing of the 2022 Renewal Retreat is not ideal for you, we would love if you joined our community.  We will be planning a variety of future events, and promise not to send you an over load of emails.