What to Expect at the Retreat Experience

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

From the moment you arrive Sunday at 2, and begin to unwind from the demands of work, home and the city, you will be in the safe space of a community of therapists, who understand all the demands the world has for you.

The 4 days of the retreat are designed to give you time to reconnect with yourself, take time to breathe deeply, feel your body, let your thoughts slow down, and realign your goals and how they will continue to be meaningful to you. And to do it all in a lovely hotel, where someone else can make your bed and your meals, and the fresh mountain air which has a way of resetting your stress to a more neutral level.

Skill development will be focused on value, both for you and your clients. How do you give your clients more, keep them coming back, (ontime) replace the clients that don’t respect your schedule, and maximize your income without gauging your clients, or pricing yourself out of the market.

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