Why do a Professional Development Retreat?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Do you ever look at your to do list at the end of the day, and see 15 things still left to do?

Do you feel overwhelmed by how many people need/deserve some (more) of your time and attention?

Do you look at the money left in your account at the end of the month and think oh god, why am I working so hard, and not getting further ahead.

In a profession that is all ab

out taking care of other people, it can be challenging to wedge in time for yourself. And taking your required professional development courses in order to renew your license can’t always take the place of something else in your week, it is usually in addition to your regular work and life requirements.

And let’s face it, often even an interesting course is exhausting.

Especially if you have to go home, cook dinner, put your kids to bed, and fit in a client that just has to see you.

And no matter how clear we are on our goals and professional interests going into our careers, as life gets busy, we don’t always clearly define how we want to adjust our goals in order to keep heading in the right direction.

A retreat takes care of that, and provides a community of support as well.

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